Answering the call of last mile delivery problems

The tide is turning in delivery logistics solution or last mile delivery and retailers are lining up to be on the right side of the tide, to stay ahead of the competition, and slash costs. A study by Convey revealed that losses from missed/failed deliveries cost retailers around $333 million, without taking into account the possible loss of more than one and a half billion dollars revenue, from customers who would have switched brands or products. The reasons for missed deliveries are manifold and the single biggest weak link in the delivery chain is the last mile. The need of the hour and the future is a solution that is dynamic to meet the challenges of change in deliveries, without negatively impacting delivery costs, timelines or customer satisfaction.

The era of digital transformation

As the digital transformation juggernaut makes its way across retail, more and more storefronts are transiting into bricks and clicks category. This makes a level playing ground among businesses in the same category. Customers now have the option of either visiting a store or making an online purchase, with the added benefit of comparison, which works both ways.  A differentiator, touted as part of the online shopping experience, is the delivery, apart from the discounts due to lower overheads. Customers who opt for online shopping, look forward to both the benefits, and a delayed or missed delivery is enough to ruin the whole purpose of online shopping. This is the strongest trigger for shoppers to abandon brands and retailers altogether. It is important to note that the offer of discounts will have little value to a customer who feels that his or her products will not reach in time. This is the reason why missed deliveries can deal a series of debilitating blows to retailers.

Biting the bullet with technology

Interesting developments unfold when technology meets innovative concepts. Fetchh has successfully helped retailers bite the bullet, by rolling out innovative technology solutions on a SaaS platform.  This involves the use of proprietary software integrated into the retailer’s applications, for ensuring smooth deliveries. The solution ideally takes a bottom-up approach to tackling the problem plaguing retailers. Supply chains rely on automation, bots, telematics and a host of cutting-edge solutions to move the consignment from a warehouse or a retailer, through various stages of the delivery supply chain. For instance, Amazon and many retailers use bots and automated processes to enhance efficiency at the warehouse. Similarly, the logistics partners rely on telematics to track the movement of consignments that are updated through dashboards of customer support executives whenever requested. Effectively, this means that the consignment moves out as per plan for 95% of the journey. However, the devil is in the last mile. The customer may have left on an urgent requirement, the customer may not have been aware of the exact time of the delivery, the delivery could have been delayed prompting the customer to proceed with his or her routine, or any situation could have emerged from the time the consignment left on the last leg of its journey. This effectively means that the consignment needs to make its way again halfway through the delivery chain.

Turning last mile delivery into the best in the delivery chain

With Fetchh, retailers receive cost-effective solutions that break the jinx of missed deliveries at the last mile. It involves the use of logistics partners, freelance delivery executives and temporary storage options for pick up by the customer. With flexible options for customers, the chances of missed deliveries are virtually eliminated, as multiple options bridge the chances of a miss, by offering a suitable alternative option. This keeps costs of deliveries at optimum levels, reducing the time taken to deliver packages, in addition to enhancing customer experience increasing the number of loyal and happy customers. This solution is suitable for all online purchases.

A bellwether in logistics solutions

Companies that cater to industries such as retail, grocery, restaurant, consumer goods, logistics, healthcare, and services rely on Fetchh for an effective solution to take care of logistics requirements. The present solution efficiently manages needs of all players in the delivery ecosystem from the delivery agents, through the teams in the field, and all the way to the end-customers. The solution automatically helps businesses handle workforce management better with default employee time clock residing in the apps.

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